“Beware of the Band Leader”/New Releases & Listening Parties




Heroes Are Gang Leaders Live in Hollywood
at 1821 Grace Avenue 1821A


Secret Heroes, RUA Live

The Avant-Age Garde I AMs of the Gal Luxury

Final Vinyl

James Brandon Lewis, Margaret Morris, Janice Lowe, Luke Stewart
Heru Shabaka-ra, Warren “Trae” Crudup, Randall Horton
and Thomas Sayers Ellis

Bonus Studio Track

Hurt Cult / Beware of the Bandleader

James Brandon Lewis / Tenor Saxophone / Vocals
Heru Shabaka-ra / Trumpet
Luke Stewart / Bass
Janice Lowe / Keyboards
Margaret Morris / Voice / Vocals
Devin Brahja Waldman / Alto Saxophone
Warren “Trae” Crudup / Drums

Randall Horton / Poem
Thomas Sayers Ellis / Words / Conga Moose Call

Nettie Chickering / Background Vocals
Crystal Good / Background Vocals
No Land / Background Vocals
Bonita Lee Penn / Background Vocals
Christian Black / Background Vocals

Jeny Nilenie / Spanish Bewares
Em Rose / Spanish Bewares

Ambrose Bye and Thomas Harris / Engineers





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