New Chapbook: The Corny Toys / Thomas Sayers Ellis / Arrowsmith Press

Now available for purchase, The Corny Toys, a 60 page poem written by, HAGL’s band leader, Thomas Sayers Ellis. 

Cover Art by Kurt-Dale Watson / 2018

Get your copy today at the Harvard Book Store (link)

“The Corny Toys” dares to explore and name the ways learning and knowledge are often regulated inside institutions allegedly devoted to an open-ended quest for truth.  Stylistically, the poem reads like an unlikely hybrid of “The Waste Land” and “Info Wars” (minus the lies). Moving beyond the current literary trend of racial utterance-maze-reincarnation, Ellis takes aim at the institutions, foundations, and cover-story recipients of social engineering for reducing literature to an oppositional nursery rhyme, a baby’s fist rising from the crib. While Ellis never directly names those responsible for the indoctrination of the Imagination, he does hint at (in lines like “Though forced to dream in separate Sleepers,/Sleeper Cells,/Mother and Matter,/like physicality and spirituality,/are one and the same/separated Superconductors/of equal infinity,”) the possible organic origins of the duality governing us all. “The Corny Toys” is not a smooth read but it is a liberating one!

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