“The Amiri Baraka Sessions,” the new CD Will rise (not drop), January 1, 2019

Available on CD Baby and Amazon January 1, 2019

Originally recorded in 2014 and 2015 as a two-CD set tribute to the legendary poet / activist Amiri Baraka, this collection of “12 Jazz / Poetry Hi Fi Dig Its” explores the range of vernacular styles that Amiri Baraka utilized during his journey from Beat to Black Nationalist to Black Marxist to Post Black Arts Surrealist. These recordings are both celebratory and critical as HAGL is unafraid to embody the nuanced complexities of Baraka’s controversial legacy as well as transform that work into new forms that challenge the easy and outdated structures of much of today’s Written and Spoken Word, resulting in a vibrant exploration that forges a new understanding that is useful to the next generation of feelnicians.

The Amiri Baraka Sessions

Featuring James Brandon Lewis, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Margaret Morris, Luke Stewart, Janice Lowe, Randall Horton, Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, Heru Shabaka-ra, Brandon Moses, Warren “Trae” Crudup, Da Frontline, Catalina Gonzalez and Michael Bisio.

Track Listing



The Shrimpy Grits

SuiteBlack Flyer

Land Back

Amina 2

The Real Illegal Must Be Crazy


Forensic Report

Sad Dictator

The Tender Arrival of Outsane Midget Booker Ts Who Kill Drums Runnin’ Da Voodoo Down

Amina 3

Produced By TSE
Executive Producer / Bob Holman
Paul Wickliffe / Engineer
CD Design / Kurt – Dale Watson


Amiri Baraka in 2007 reading at a Tribute to Sekou Sundiata / Photo: Thomas Sayers Ellis




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